The Ultimate Bridal Shower Gift Guide

The Ultimate Bridal Shower Gift Guide

So, your BFF is getting married and you’re freaking out about what gift to get her for her bridal shower! Don’t worry, you’re not the first person to be in this spot. Whether she’s a chill bride, on the more traditional side, a boho-chic queen, or a full-on bridezilla, there are so many different gift ideas that will make her smile. From personal one-of-a-kind bridal gifts to unique home decor gifts that she can use for her newlywed home. Save the boring pots and silverware sets for the other guests and give her something meaningful that she’ll love! Here are some of our favorite wedding shower gift ideas, where you’re bound to find something that your soon to be bride will be happy to receive:

Personalized Gifts

If there’s one thing that will make her smile, it’s a unique gift that has a sentimental meaning. You could also go with a personalized option, one that goes beyond the bridal theme and takes into account the bride’s personality, her hobbies, and her favorite things!

Rosebox Candy Initials 

Looking for a unique bridal shower gift idea? This is it! This acrylic initial box can be filled with the bride’s favorite candy, and it will stand out as a cute home decor piece for her new home. We recommend getting a pair of these in the bride and groom’s initials, which will fit right into their newlywed decor and will become a statement piece that will give a lot to talk about! If you’re in charge of the bridal shower party itself, you can use it as a centerpiece for the gift table as well! 

Beach Bag with Honeymoon Essentials

This idea is perfect if the bride to be is going to go on a tropical honeymoon vacation after tying the knot! It’s a very thoughtful gift because you can really personalize it by choosing things that speak to the bride and fit in with her personality and style. First, find a trendy beach bag and fill it with essentials for her honeymoon or beach days: a cute one-piece bathing suit, a wide brimmed hat (you can find some that are monogrammed or have wedding related phrases on them), a colorful sunglass chain, and a monogrammed cooler that can have her new initials! The best thing about this gift is that it can be an inexpensive bridal shower gift idea, depending on the items you choose. 

Something Blue Bridal Giftbox

If you loved the previous idea of a gift box or basket of goodies but don’t have the time (or you might not know the bride so well!) to pick out all of the small gifts to put inside, then this one's for you. It’s a gift box that includes two notepads for the bride and groom to write their vows in and a set of matching pens for them to write them with. It also has some yummy Sugarfina champagne bubbles candy (a perfect treat to calm down those nerves!) and a bride emergency kit filled with twenty one tiny essentials (from bandaids to toothpicks to bobbypins, this is a MUST!). If you’re from the groom’s side and aren’t close to the bride but you want to have proper bridal shower gift etiquette, go with an option like this one!

Personalized Hanger

A huge part of choosing a bridal shower gift is choosing one that can be used either on the day of the wedding or for the bride’s newlywed life. If you want to gift her something special that can be a part of her wedding day, then this is a great option. Usually, when the bride is getting ready, the dress is hanging somewhere specific so that it can be used for the pictures. Gifting her a personalized hanger like this one will only elevate the importance of the dress and will make for some super cute “getting ready” pictures. If she’s a boho bride or a romantic, classic one, chances are she’ll love it and will display it proudly on her day!

Home Decor

While choosing bridal shower gifts that the bride can use on her wedding day are always a good idea, when you’re close to the groom as well (or from his side of the family!), you want to make sure that they can both enjoy whatever you are gifting them. When this is the case, it’s a good idea to think about their newlywed life and the things they’ll need after the wedding, especially for their new home. 

Preserved Roses

Preserved roses are the gift that keeps on giving! When the bride receives this acrylic Rosebox flower arrangement, she’ll love it. When she realizes that they can last up to three years (with the proper maintenance), she’ll never get over it! It’s the perfect centerpiece for all of the tables she’ll be setting in her new home, and she won’t even have to worry about the flowers!

A Good Cookbook

This idea is perfect for a bride-to-be who loves to cook! Even better if the groom loves to be in the kitchen as well. It has over 130 creative recipes that range from healthy breakfasts to fancy date nights to crowd-pleasing snacks for all of their holiday gatherings. It also has some great tips for meal planning and kitchen stocking which will be a great tool for the newlywed couple as they start their life together! A very thoughtful gift idea that will have them thinking of you everytime they cook something delicious.

Fun Placemats

Trendy, modern home decor is what’s in right now. These round, acrylic placemats from Rosebox add a great touch of personality and will definitely stand out in the bride’s new home. The best thing about this gift is that it comes in a ton of different options, from classic butterfly print to some that have fun phrases like our personal favorite: “Save Water, Drink Wine”! If you want to get a unique bridal shower gift, then a set of these acrylic placemats are a great option because they are extremely useful for their everyday, home life but are much more exciting than a set of cups or a chopping board!

A Colorful Chess Set

Another piece of home decor that will stand out in the bride and groom’s new home is this acrylic neon chess game set from Mark and Graham. Add colorful piece this to your list of unique decorations that will be a conversation starter for sure! It’s a fun touch on a classic gift that will help you stand out from the rest of the basic bridal shower gifts of candles and silverware sets.

Decorative Trays

Last but not least, this set of rose printed acrylic trays will become a staple in the bride’s new home. They are perfect for hosting dinner parties, and can also be used for home decor. If there’s a great bridal shower gift idea, it’s something that can be reused over and over again, and a set of these acrylic trays definitely make the cut. She can use them on her coffee table as a statement piece or use them as a different backdrop for a charcuterie board. Not to mention the unique, colorful rose printed pattern that make them stand out as perfect accent pieces.


We hope this gift guide will help you decide on the best option for a bridal shower gift! If you want more information on any of the Rosebox products, you can always contact us and we'll be happy to help!

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