"If you take care of things, they'll last forever..."

Take care of your FRESH ROSES

Be MINDFUL, these are natural roses, they are delicate and unique

There is no need to change the water but if you wish so, you can add more to your rosebox after a couple of days to keep your roses hydrated

You can peel away some petals to refresh your rosebox after a couple of days

Do not add more water than to cover the tips of the roses (recommenced water level is below the first tier) - adding excess water can make you rosebox expand and loose shape.

You can also spray them with fresh water every couple of days for freshness

Avoid direct sunlight so roses won’t burn.

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Take care of your PRESERVED ROSES

The beauty of them is that they require minimal care and you can have rosebox made all the time.  They last 1-3 years are treated properly. With the passing of time, some colors may start fading sooner than others.

Just handle them with care and follow these recommendations

 DO NOT water them - this will damage them. Do not remove them from the box.

Avoid direct sunlight

Do not place anything on top of them, their petals fade

 Remember these are real roses that have been treated to last longer so handling them with care is really important as well as taking good care.

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Take care of your BOX

Simply rinse it with water or soapy water and let it air dry. Avoid using a sponge or any surface that might scratch the box.

You can use paper tower or a micro cloth to pat it dry. REMEMBER to be gentle and careful- acrylic is a very delicate material and you don’t want to create scratches to your box.

NOT dishwasher-safe. The acrylic will not stand the heat and steam and will lose its shape.