The Best Rosebox Gifts for Mother's Day 2021!

The Best Rosebox Gifts for Mother's Day 2021!

One of our favorite and busiest holidays is coming up veeery soon, and we couldn't be happier! We love Mother's Day, not only because we love celebrating all of the special women that raised us, but because we love receiving all of the pictures with happy moms receiving a special Rosebox gift on their day. Today, we decided to put together a list of which Rosebox is the best gift for every type of mom out there--to make your Mother's Day shopping a little easier!


For the Classic Mom

The classic mom is the one with timeless taste, who always looks good and has everything in order. She likes modern design but adores classic items to decorate her home with. In her eyes, these items never go out of style, and we have to agree with her. A gift that's practically made for her? The 16 Rose Round Preserved Rosebox. It's a timeless round acrylic vase filled with 16 preserved roses that, like her taste, will never go out of style. It commands attention without being too much, making it the perfect centerpiece for her dinner tables or a beautiful piece of home decor that will fit right into any corner of her home.

For the Fun, Young Mom

The newer generations of moms are always on the lookout for items that are anything but boring. They are fans of modern, unique designs that stand out and would rather leave the classics for, well, their moms instead. Get them something different that they'll love to showcase in their homes and that will fit right in with their bubbly personalities, like these Candy Boxes in the shape of their initials. You can also go the extra mile and spell it out with a Happy Candy Box that is bound to make her happy to say the least!


For the Minimalist Mom

Minimalist moms tend to go with the "less is more" mentality at all times, and so getting them a gift can sometimes be a hard task. Not to worry because we have the perfect minimalist yet meaningful option for these types of moms that is guaranteed to be a home run. Choose the 1 Preserved Rose Square Rosebox, which features one delicate preserved rose of the color of your choice in a square acrylic vase. You could also go with the 4 Roses Preserved Rosebox which is also simple yet impressive. We recommend going with more modest colors like white, pearl or silver.


For the Foodie Mom

The perfect gift for those moms that are obsessed with good food? Our Homebox Placemats! For those moms that basically live in the kitchen, who love to come up with fun new recipes and know that the way to anyone in the family's heart is through the stomach, these will brighten up her kitchen table and make her cooking look even more special. And for when they don't quite feel like cooking but want to order some of their favorite takeout for family dinners instead, these placemats will give a more elegant look than brown paper bags ever will! 


For the Hostess with the Mostess Mom

This mom is famous for her events and gatherings, always taking any occasion and turning it into a full blown celebration! She loves to have people over and her home is always the center of the action as much as she is the life of the party. Whether it's a dinner party or just having her girlfriends over for afternoon coffee, she always goes all out. Give her something that she'll get a lot of use out of when hosting: a set of our Homebox Trays!


For the 'Extra' Mom

Some moms are more 'extra' than others, and if this is your case then we know how tough it can be to find a gift that is up to her level of extra. She loves to have bold pieces that are instant attention grabbers in her home, and is a fan of colorful items that pop out. If you want to get her something that she'll truly adore, and that will surely represent her bubbly personality, then you can do no wrong with an impressive rectangular acrylic Rosebox filled with 24 roses of the color of your choice. If she's a fan of color, then choose the Rainbow 24 Rose Preserved Rosebox option, and she'll be in love!


For the Wine Lover Mom

To be blunt, this mom is obsessed with wine. And we love that for her! From merlot to cabernet to rose to sauvignon, she's an expert and loves them all. So why not combine one of her favorite things (wine) with something else that will soon become another of her favorite things (a Rosebox)? We came up with the best combination ever: introducing the Booze Box. It's a square or rectangular Rosebox filled with fresh roses of the color of your choice with an added special touch: a bottle of her favorite wine on top! We do have to warn you, though, this might be the only present she'll ever want to receive from now on!


For the Chocoholic Mom

If she has a sweet tooth, we have the perfect gift idea for her. Combining our beautiful Rosebox arrangements with the desire to add a little extra gift, we created the Special Drawer Rosebox. It's a square acrylic Rosebox filled with 9 fresh roses that comes with a special drawer on the bottom. Here, you can add some of her favorite chocolates or candy and make it an extra special gift! The best part is that afterwards, she can reuse her Rosebox by refilling it with fresh roses and store her favorite items in the drawer--from her jewelry to special keepsakes.

For the Hopeless Romantic Mom

This mom is known for living in her own fairytale, and likely transmitting that to the rest of the family. She's a hopeless romantic at heart, obsessed with anything love story related and has everything in the shape of a heart. With her in mind, we created the Small Heart Preserved Rosebox, a super delicate acrylic box in the shape of a heart featuring three preserved roses of the color of your choice. A timeless gift that will last for a long time and that she'll absolutely adore!

No matter what type of mom you have, make sure to celebrate her day and make her feel very special! She deserves it, and we know that you want to find the best gift for her. If you still need some guidance in choosing the best gift for her, reach out to us and we'll be more than happy to help! Happy Mother's Day from our Rosebox family to yours <3

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