12 Rosebox Rainbow Preserved


If you're looking for a Rosebox that will make a statement, then this is one of the best options to do so. This long, rectangular Rosebox fits 12 preserved roses in a custom rainbow order. This unique arrangement brings a pop of color to any room. It's perfect for decorating large dinnertables and standing out in your home or special event decor. Our customers love it because it instantly catches your eye while still looking elegant and delicate. Like all of our Roseboxes, it can later be refilled with a new set of roses (or any flowers that fit!) of the color of your choice and reused any number of times to decorate your home and your events.

Preserved roses are real, fresh roses that undergo drying and pigmentation treatments to make them last longer. No maintenance needed! Your Rosebox will last up to 3 years if handled with proper care.

Dimensions: 24X4X6 inches